viernes, 2 de julio de 2010


I am attending an On Line Course about Critical Literacies

We are now in the 5th week of the course
Networking is revolutionazing the way the Media works. The change has been fast and people are trying to adapt to that evolution.

We are studying Conectivism concepts like : cognotivism, changing, pragmatism, networking, etc. In Mexico for the first time in history, the most powerful broadcaster, which happens to be reluctanct to use web2.0 technologies to broadcast publicly, had to surrender. It has been broadcasting since last month, the most important Foot ball World cup games from South Africa.

On the other hand, the Goverrment here has weekly chats with the public on internest.

So the ones who are able to work on networks certaunly acquire power but also an enormous responsibility to transmit valid information becausae as least here the people are still gullible

The National Research Council of Canada’s Institute for Information Technology (Learning and Collaborative Group) has started a research and development project exploring the Personal Learning Environment. The project researches how new technologies can be used in a personalized informal learning environment and this course in Critical Literacies forms part of the research in PLEs.

Technology has brought changes to the way people learn and some “critical literacies” are becoming increasingly important. This course is about these critical literacies. Critical, as the course is not just about finding out how to use the latest technologies for learning, but to look critically at the Web and its underlying structures. Literacies, as it is more about capabilities to be developed than about the acquisition of a set of skills. It is all about learning what is needed to develop confidence and competence, and to feel capable of negotiating an ever changing information and media landscape.

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