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Some English expressions

"If an argument or discussion CLEARS THE AIR" - it causes bad feelings to disappear". 
"If information COMES TO LIGHT" - it means that it is discovered. 
"If it GOES AGAINST THE GRAIN to do something" - it means that you would not normally do it because it is unusual or wrong. 
"If people meet FACE TO FACE" - it means that they are in the same place together.
"If someone BOWL SOMEBODY OVER" - it means that someone surprise or shock somebody.
"If someone CHASES A DREAM" - it means that the person slowly moves forward attaining an important goal.
"If someone CRASHES A PARTY" - it means that the person goes to a party without haven't been invited.
"If someone CURLS UP AND DIE" - it means that the person withdraws from a situation because of sadness or embarrassment.
"If someone DRIVES YOU CRAZY" - it means that the person irritates or annoys you. 
"If someone is BENDING OVER BACKWARDS to help you" - it means that they are trying their best to help. 
"If someone is BOILING MAD" - it means to be very angry about something.
"If someone is BREATHING DOWN YOUR NECK" - it means that they are watching what you do all the time.
"If someone says that it IS EARLY DAYS YET" - they mean that it is too soon to make a judgement about something. 
"If someone says: ACT YOUR AGE!" - it means that his or her behaviour is immature.
"If someone says: CUT IT OUT" - it means that the person asks someone to stop something.
"If someone says: DON'T YOU DARE" - it means to tell someone very strongly, not to do something.
"If someone says: I BEG YOUR PARDON" - it means to ask someone to repeat what he or she said.
"If someone says: I DIE OF BOREDOM" - it means that the person is very bored.
"If someone says: I'LL CHEW ON IT" - it means that the person will think about some decision.
"If someone says: TO BRING SOMEONE or SOMETHING UP" - it means to mention a certain person or topic.
"If someone says: TO NOT BREATHE A WORD ABOUT SOMETHING" - it means to keep a secret.
"If someone says: YOU'RE ASKING FOR IT!" - it is used as an expression of anger when someone is being irritated.
"If something DRIVES you ROUND THE BEND" - it means that it makes you angry. 
"If something happens FOR GOOD" - it means that it happens for ever. 
"If something is IN THE PIPELINE" - it means that it is being developed.
"If something is OUT OF THIS WORLD" - it means that it is extremely good.
"If something is PLAIN SAILING" - it means that it is very easy.
"If something TAKES THE EDGE OFF something" - it means that it makes a feeling have less effect on you. 
"If something you do BEARS FRUIT" - it means that it gets successful result.
"If someone says: CALL ON TOMORROW" - it means to visit someone.
"If someone says: I HAVE MONEY TO BURN" - it means that the person has a lot of extra money.
"If someone says: IT'S A COVER UP" - it means that someone hides the truth about something.
"If two people don't SEE EYE TO EYE" - it means that they do not agree with each other. 
"If you are AHEAD OF ONE'S TIME" - it means to have an idea which is advanced beyond the time.
"If you are at A LOOSE END" - it means that you have nothing to do.
"If you ARE IN someone's GOOD BOOKS" - it means that they are pleased with you.
"If you are OUT OF YOUR DEPTH" - it means that you do not know how to deal with something.
"If you are SNOWED UNDER" - it means that you have too much work. 
"If you BEAR SOMETHING IN MIND"- it means that you remember it because it will be useful in the future.
"If you BEND THE RULES" - it means that you allow a rule to be broken in a small way.
"If you BET YOUR BOOTS" - it means that you express absolute certainty about something.
"If you BLOW something OUT OF PROPORTIONS" - it means that you behave as if it is much worse than it is.
"If you CAN'T MAKE ENDS MEET" - it means that you do not make enough money to pay all of the bills.
"If YOU CATCH A COLD" - it means to get a cold.
"If you CATCH SIGHT OF something" - it means that you see something suddenly.
"If you COME TO TERMS with a sad situation" - it means that you accept it.
"If you COULDN'T BELIEVE YOUR EYES" - it means that you were very surprised by something you saw.
"If you do NOT HAVE A LEG TO STAND ON" - it means that you cannot prove that something is true.
"If you do something BY THE SKIN OF YOUR TEETH" - it means that you only just succeed in doing it. 
"If you do something ON THE SPUR OF THE MOMENT" - it means that you do it suddenly without planning. 
"If you don’t LIFT A FINGER" - it means that you don’t help someone. 
"If yo don't STAND A CHANCE of doing something" - it means that you have no possibility of success or achieving something. 
"If you EARN YOUR KEEP" - it means that you work to pay your bills or to help at home in return for food and a place to live.
"If you FALL APART" - it means to get very emotional or very upset when a situation is difficult.
"If you FALL ASLEEP" - it means that you go to sleep.
"If you FEEL DEFLATED" - it means that you feel disappointed after feeling excited.
"If you FEEL LIKE DOING SOMETHING" - it means that you want to do something.
"If you FIND FAULT IN SOMETHING" - it means that you find something wrong with someone or something.
"If you GET HOLD OF THE WRONG END OF THE STICK" - it means that you do not understand the situation. 
"If you GET THE UPPER HAND over someone" - it means that you get in a stronger position so that you can control them ". 
"If you GIVE someone THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT" - it means that you decide to belive what they say even though it might be wrong. 
"If you HAVE A BEE IN YOUR BONNET" - it means to be upset about something, usually for a long time.
"If you HAVE A BONE TO PICK WITH someone" - it means that you want to talk to someone about something they have done that annoyed you. 
"If you HAVE A SHOT at something" - it means that you try to do it although you have not tried it before. 
"If you HAVE YOUR WORK CUT OUT" - it means that you have something difficult to do.
"If you KEEP A STRAIGHT FACE" - it means that you manage to stop yourself from laughing. 
"If you KEEP someone ON their TOES" - it means that you make sure they give something all their attention.
"If you KEEP TRACK of someone" - you understand what is happening to them.
"If you KNOW something INSIDE OUT" - it means that you know everything about it. 
"If you MAKE FUN OF someone" - it means that you make an unkind joke about them. 
"If you MAKE IT UP TO somebody" - it means that you do something good for them because you did something bad before.
"If you MAKE THE MOST OF something" - it means that you take full advantage of it because it may not last. 
"If you PAT SOMEONE ON THE BACK" - it means to give someone credit for a good job.
"If you PUT YOUR FINGER ON something" - it means that you understand it exactly. 
"If you START OFF ON THE WRONG FOOT" - it means that you start something badly. 
"If you START THE BALL ROLLING" - it means that you begin an activity that involves a group of people.
"If you STICK YOUR NOSE INTO something" - it means that you show too much interest in it although it does not involve you. 
"If you TAKE SOMEONE FOR GRANTED" - it means that you do not show that you are grateful for them. 
"If you TEACH someone A LESSON" -  it means that you punish them so they will not do something again.
"If you WOULDN'T BE CAUGHT DEAD in a place" - it means that you would never go there.
"If you WOULDN'T PUT IT PAST someone to do something" - it means that you are not surprised because it is typical of them. 
"When you GET TO THE BOTTOM OF something" - it means that you discover the truth about something. 
(UK) If a woman is up the spout, she is pregnant.
(UK) If things are as black as Newgate's knocker, they are very bad. Newgate was an infamous prison in England, so its door knocker meant trouble.
(UK) If you "Break your duck" you score for the first time.
(UK) If you beat somebody by a long chalk, you win easily and comfortably.
(UK) If you box clever, you use your intelligence to get what you want, even if you have to cheat a bit.
(UK) If you break your duck, you do something for the first time.
(USA) If someone is trying to convince people to do or feel something without any hope of succeeding, they're beating a dead horse. This is used when someone is trying to raise interest in an issue that no-one supports anymore; beating a dead horse will n
(USA) If you blow off steam, you express your anger or frustration.
(USA) If you can bet your bottom dollar on something, you can be absolutely sure about it.
(USA) The Big Apple is New York.

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