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Ay Te Watcho Used when you say good-bye to someone. Literally translates into "watch yourself."
Ay Te Miro Same as above. Literally translates into "see you later."
Al Rato See you soon.
Barrio Neighborhood, hood, etc.
Calo Language or slang of the cholos and pachucos.
Chalé Used to tell someone to "keep cool" or "be cool", also used to indicate disagreement with something said.
Chingon Bad-ass. As in Suavecito's is "lo mas chingon"!
Chisme As many of you know, Eskimos have well over a dozen words to describe "snow". Well, we Mexicanos have almost as many to describe "gossip". This is one of the many variations.
Chismoso One who engages in chisme. Check out Chismosos Corner.
Cholo/a Raza on the street (also modern day pachuco).
Chones Loosely translates into, ummm - shall we say, your underwear.
Corazon Heart.
c/s Con Safos - literally translates to "don't mess with this/me/etc.".
Drape The name for the zoot suit jacket worn by the Pachuco.
Esé Used instead of "homeboy", "dude", etc. (see Vato below)
Fería Money
Firme Cool, just swell, etc.
Ganas Guts, drive, motivation, balls to do something
Guero/a Individuals from the Caucasian persuasion. (Or light skinned individuals.)
Guey Pronounced "way" - loosely translates to "idiot".
Lana Money.
Mero The tops, as in "el mero perro" - the "top dog"
Mierda Shit.
Mocos Boogers.
Mocoso Someone, who shall we say, "engages in mocos".
Onda Though there's no literal translation that really works, it loosely translates into trip, way of thinking, gig, thing, etc. Often used in asking what's up? "¿Qué onda?"
Oralé 1.) Another version of saying "What's Up?" (see Q-Vo below). 2.) Also used to indicate agreement with someone.
Orgullo Pride.
Pachucada Lifestyle of the Pachuco.
Pachuco Old school term for Chicano zooters - the dress, attitude, language, culture, etc.
Pedo Well folks, the literal translation of this multipurpose word is "fart", and it's often used in this regard. However, it is also used to describe the stages of inebriation toward the further end of the scale. It is also used to describe pretty much any situation that is rather, ummm... unsavory (i.e. fights, etc.).
Pegged How the pants are tapered and fit tight around the ankles.
Pelon One who is, shall we say, "hairline challenged."
Perro Dog
Pinche F_ _ king this, f_ _ king that.
¿Qué Onda? "What's your gig?"
¿Q-Vo? Another version of saying "What's Up?", "What's Happening?"
Reina Queen
Respeto Respect.
Ruca A fine looking woman with a lot of orgullo.
Simón Used to signify agreement with someone.
(also known as Spectators) Stacy Adams® is the name brand of the distinctive patent-leather wing tip (often two-toned) shoes worn by the Pachuco.
Tando Broad-brimmed hat
Traje Suit
Trapos Clothes or outfit.
Trucha Means watch yourself, watch out or check yourself.
Vato Used instead of "homeboy", "dude", etc. (see Ese above)
Vavoso Literal translation "a saliva laden dumb ass". In the barrio, it's used to describe anyone that's not down.
Veterano Literally translate to "veteran". Also reflects on the elder in the community, the Latino version of an "OG".
Vieja/Viejo Old woman/old man, wife/husband, etc.
Watcha Look out, watch yourself, check yourself, etc.
¿Y-Que? And what?! Said with attitude - don't know how else to say it.
Zoot Suiter or Zooter Name of a person who wears Zoot Suits (and is just generally a cool vato.)

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